Well i was snooping around in my in laws basement and i found the very first guitar i had in my handsan acoustic? i dont know the make or model(my father in law taught me) it was beat to hell tuners were bent, a crack in the face that ran fron the sound hole to behind the neck, the pick guard was warped and cracked and a hole in the back of the neck from a strap peg, and dirty as hell, and the saddle is broken in half.

I cleaned the hell out of it its achully a nice looking guitar its about a 3/4 size guitar with a really wide neck about the size of a 12 string, there is no truss rod at all, i filled all the holes with wood glue and tooth picks and am looking for new tuners and a saddle (bolt on) i still have to brace the face of the guitar were the crack is(i tore apart a old K-100 for the braces), the frets are worn down but im not sure if im going to replace them or not(would it be worth it).

Any comments please throw them at me.

(when i re-size the pic i'll post it)
I'm in canada! i'll just go to my local shop for the tuners and the saddle.

I've got the braces sanded down and cut to size and ready to brace i just have to come up with the clamps.

still trying to figure out how to re-size pics damnit , took new pics on a smaller setting now i cant find the cord to put it into the comp

<a href="http://s990.photobucket.com/albums/af21/accousticguy/?action=view<a href="http://s990.photobucket.com/albums/af21/accousticguy/?action=view&current=0910220034.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i990.photobucket.com/albums/af21/accousticguy/0910220034.jpg" border="0" alt="new project1"></a>
looks like it'll be a fun little guitar when it's all in working order

I can't tell from the pictures.. did you just take the pickguard off, so the colour's less faded where it used to be, or is that a clear pickguard?
ya i just took the pick guard off(it is less faded), it was all white cracked and broken n screwd on.

This guitar was very abused over the years it even has paint splatter on it lol.

ya the guitar is just for fun and to learn what to do and not to do to a guitar lol its nothing special just old.

Do you think i should sand it all down or leave the finish alone?
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