Okay, so I have a couple of questions.

If I was going to get new pickups for my Ibanez RG what brand and what specific type should I get for a good metal tone? I was recommended to get DiMarzio pickups, but I wanted to double check with some experienced guitarists first.

Also, I'm having trouble with tone quality when I'm practicing with my band. It's not an issue of loudness, but an issue of clarity. When we play a song that requires a lot of distortion, you can hear the guitar, but you can't make out what notes are being played very well. My current setup is a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone with the treble and bass cranked, the main mid knob all the way down, and the mid frequency knob turned a little left to the middle, ran through my Digitech RP-80, which is set on a noise gate that I programmed to give a bass boost, and it all comes out through a Peavy Classic 30 tube amp with the bass at 9, mids at 3, and treble at 9. I also have a lot of other pedals including a Mxr Dyna Comp and a Digitech Screamin' Blues pedal.

Specific tones I am looking for are the rhythm and solo tones from the ...And Justice For All album by Metallica.

Any help is appreciated.
honestly, you won't hear a difference if you get new pickups. i'd look into an amp that is suited for tighter tones, and doesn't 'need' a metal zone pedal run into it.

keep saving up and you'll get help finding an amp that'll actually produce the tones you want.
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yea man, just the sound of your set up gives me a headache thinking about how nasty it probably sounds. the amp you have is good, but probably not suited for those tones even with a boost/OD. i think you probably want an amp with higher gain on tap. either that or a good TS type OD, one with a good amount of useable drive to add some bite to your amp's dirty channel.

can't recommend much else since i have never really played much of Metallica's stuff, i listen to a lot of it, but don't play it. good luck though.
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I would work on that EQ. It's extremely scooped, and just isn't going to sound very good in a band setting at all. Bump those mids up a bit (on both amp and pedal) and also take the treble and bass down to even it out, and then work from there.


Sell the classic 30 along with some of your pedals and whatever gear you don't need and save up/look for (possibly used) some of the following if you want a great metal distortion tone.

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"the main mid knob all the way down"

Is the biggest problem and most easily solved in the thread. If you are practising in a band situation with (especially) a bass then this is an obvious problem.

Also -

"it all comes out through a Peavy Classic 30 tube amp with the bass at 9, mids at 3, and treble at 9."

Same thing -

With EQing you'd be amazed how much more clarity you will get without spending a penny... How about putting all the amp settings on 5 or 6 and working from there? Then do the same with your Metal Zone and work from there too.

There's nothing wrong with using pedals also. I know what you've done here, listened to AJFA - scooped sound, gone way over kill in a band situation. I don't know the settings of the rest of your band, but use your ears and don't worry about what the numbers are to get a better sound. I'm guessing 6 on the bass, 5 on the mids and 8 on the treble (and similar for the metal zone pedal) would increase the clarity.

You'll thank yourself later for the fine tuning and your band mates probably will too.

You didn't even have to open your wallet!