Hey i know your probably going to tell me to look at the what songs thread, but i have.

Basically my girlfriend is into romance and i can't find any romantic songs to play to her. So if you guys know any please say. Thanks for your time.
"far away" by nickelback, "lips of an angel" by hinder, or if you wanna get creative play her "i believe in a thing called love" by the darkness!!
I cum blood?

lol, don't actually. Find out what her favourite song is and learn to play that. Most girls will like that the most TBH
:O I should rock at this as I love it too :L. So let the ideas roll...

Forever by Chris Brown
With You by Chris Brown (sorry but they are good songs to play)
Crush by David Archuleta
Lips of an Angel by Hinder
Gotta find you by Jonas Brothers (sorry but that is a cute song)
Sexy Love by Ne-yo (it's catchy... so had to put it oh & really, any song by Ne-yo)
Love Story by Taylor Swift
Our Song by Taylor Swift

Listen to R&B. They're all love songs.

PLUS, this would be mega cute if you did this (any girl would love it!). Sing "Hey there Delilah" but make it your own (I.e: Change it to her name, change it to fit ur life?)

& Thats all I can think of atm.. sorry!
Look into some Death Cab for Cutie, they have some good stuff. Other than that, are you looking for instrumental songs like fingerpicking, or strum and sing along?
Half of all country. All of adult contemporary. You can rearrange just about anything for acoustic, from George Strait to Whitney Houston.

Hmmm...Bryan Adams? Bon Jovi? Guys like that might be a bit easier for you both if neither of you like pop/country/soft modern rock
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I'd suggest "Spanish Romance" (AKA Anonymous Romance), but I've got a feeling she might not be into classical guitar...and if she is, than that's pretty cool.

But yeah, I'd say that "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd could be used
and "Unintended" by Muse
some Beatles stuff could be used too; "All My Loving" and "I Want to Hold You Hand" come to mind there
Or the best two ideas; play her absolute favorite song, or better yet; write your own, using a simple chord progression (or not, if you like using not so simple chords) and some pleasant words. This usually takes more time than learning a cover song, but It can be much more effective.
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some of my favorites:

-i will folllow you into the dark - Death Cab For Cutie
-Hands Down - Dashboard Confessionals
-Wish You Were Here - Incubus
-Together- Raconteurs
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play her "spanish romance"

Otherwise known as 'Romanza'

With these two titles, it should be impossible not to find.

It's a beautiful and pretty damn simple piece.
Just don't play her any songs. "I'm into romance" means "I'm going to see if you're needy enough to play me a love song just because I said I'm into romance."
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Cook dinner for her with candles, red roses and wine. That's romance, not a Plain White Ts song.

Ideally, that is what you should do. Mix that with at some point playing a song for her...well, assuming you're old enough to drink...and cook yourself dinner and such.
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You win this thread. Pipe organs FTW.

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Let's take it one step further and add a slogan:

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love song- Tesla
If her name has 3 syllables do Hey There.... and change it to fit your lives
love song- Taylor Swift