Ive been toying with the idea of building myself a guitar. I am a CNC machinist and kind of as a project id like to make one and use the cnc for the main shape of the guitar and neck, the routing etc, but do the fine stuff by hand.

Now ive looked around, but I havnt seemed to find any information as far as dimensions..

I know there are different scale necks and with that come different fret spacings, but how far should the bridge be from the nut?, what about pickup spacing? What about different neck scales and different numbers of frets?

Im looking to make a 24 fret through neck with a hardtail bridge, in preferably the shortest scale I could squeeze out of it (i have small hands). I want to do a HSH pup configuration as well.

I dont necessarily need you to do all the work for me, rather point me in a direction



im looking to make it a curly tiger maple neck with red tint mahogany so 3 or 5 piece neck (havnt decided), with mahogany wings and a spalted maple top, all natural of course.

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well the length from nut to bridge IS the scale length. for instance: if the length from the nut to the 12th fret were 12", the scale length would be 24"

The pickup placement all depends on what you're looking for in tone. but usually with HSH its one hum right up against the fretboard's end, one hum just a little off from the bridge, and one SC exactly in the middle.
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