they are good beginner guitars, although some of the more pricey ones a repretty nice too
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try and get hold of an older one if you can, there fairly cheap byt feel and sound almost as good as a mim
Go used .. plenty to be had for under ~$300 in the used market. rondomusic.com is also an awesome site for affordable axes that are actually quite decent.
I played a Danelectro Dead on 67 the other day and thought it was a fantastic guitar for the money. They go for about £200, play really nicely and have surprisingly high output. Also the vibrato arm is a good one. I also think you're unlikely to grow out of it, and it is a distinctive guitar.

Tonally they are different to the Strat but i think they're definitely worth looking at for people with a low budget. Can't say i thought much of the DC59 though, that goes for even less but sounded a bit tinny.
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Quote by s1874
try and get hold of an older one if you can, there fairly cheap byt feel and sound almost as good as a mim

I dont go on stage with a strat. I simply missed having one. I played a Squier and a MIM strat and The MiM was better, but the difference in tone didnt justify the huge difference in price.

squiers sound excellent, they just dont have the legendary sustain. They are excellent guitars to mod.

A good player can take a Marshall MG half stack and a Squier Affinity and play Hendrix tunes, sounding good enough to get a person to buy one. An MG that is...
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i habe the strat...i love it (holding it right now)
ok cool, and its ok tht its a beginner guitar because i am a beginner, but thanks for your answers
i got an old squire tele for blues and twangy country. mine's gotta be an "old one" i beleive it's on the order of 8-9 years old, maybe more.

however i don't often play those styles but it's still a nice guitar.
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You can get a 'beginner' guitar for the same money as a guitar which will last you, so why spend money on something that you're going to grow out of.

Some of the lower end squiers are definitely in this category. i'll plug the danelectro again. Chances are in a couple of years time you will want to buy something else anyway, but this is a quirky, little bright sounding guitar that will go well in your catalogue in years to come.

The squier is more likely to fade away if you get an average one (the one you put in the original post looks pretty good, as are the Classic vibe ones so note i'm not speaking about all squiers)
I got a Squier California Strat and it sounds and feels nice
great guitar for the money, the California Series are not made anymore so i might be lucky for having one