Sorry, if this is in wrong place but. I have a 1970 fender strat which when under considerable wear leaving the screws in the pickguard rusted meaning I cannot take them out. does anyone know a good way of getting them out, cheers.
Remove the screws, and leave them overnight in a cup full of machine oil
Problem should be solved by the morning

EDIT: nvm, just read now you cant remove the screws --'
Try oiling the upper part of the screws with a cotton stick dived in an oil cup, then gently try to remove the screws, then do what i mentioned above
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get some WD-40 or similar penetrating oil on a cotton swab and apply it to all the screws.
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^ Apply some WD-40 to the head of the screws (making sure not to leave too much excess dripping around)

Leave for about a minute or so to give it time to penetrate down

Then try unscrewing as normal but do it slowly (putting in too much force may lead to the head snapping off)

Hopefully that should do the trick for you.