I have an epiphone les paul with the stock pickups, but for some reason, the bridge pickup now has almost no volume. however, when it is used with my distortion pedal the volume is fine.

kinda need it fixed farly soon as i dont use the neck pickup at all really
turn all volume knobs on the guitar to max. play with just your neck pickup, and then just your bridge pickup (both with no distortion).

Are they the same volume?
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all the knobs are thee full way up

i have tried without distortion and on the bridge it has no volume whatsoever, neck appears to be fine
Whether you use distortion or not has absolutely no bearing on the electronics of your guitar so forget that, it's not the issue.

If the bridge pickup isn't working properly it's most likely a problem with the selector switch but it could also be a dodgy wiring joint or a problem with the output jack.
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it could be a bad soldering job.
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i replaced the plate for the output jack a couple of months ago, however , the problem has only been in the past couple of weeks
little update here

had a look inside evrywhere and cant see anything obvious
plugged it direct into my amp and it still has no volume on clean, and around half that of the neck pickup on distortion
spray contact cleaner on all the switches and pots and joints.

leave it on the CLEAN channel and tap each pole piece to see if they make a popping sound (to prove that it`s picking up something).

i bet you leave your guitar next to your amp when your not playing (maybe leaning next to the speakers..eh)