I am in need of some help! My band just acquired subwoofers for our pa system. We set them up last night and they work but we aren't 100% convinced that we have it set up right. Here's what we have:

Mixer main outs -> dbx EQ -> dbx compressor/gate -> dbx crossover -> snaked -> power amps (mains, subs, and monitors)

As for the connections on the crossover we have this:
- compressor outputs to the crossover inputs
- #17/18 on the snake (connected to mains power amp) into the High Inputs of crossover
- #19/20 on the snake (connected to subs power amp) into the Low Inputs of the crossover

In the front we have the output level, low output, and high output set up fine. There's also a knob to determine what frequencies go to the subs. I have that set to 240 since I figure the frequency range of the subs goes up to 250.

The reason we're not sure if its set up right is because when we have the PA on, the signal light on the power amp of the sub is bright and active.....the signal light on the power amp of the mains is barely active. The main speakers just don't sound like they are as loud as they should be considering they are 600W each. Do we have it set up correctly?
as far as i can tell it sounds like you do, might just need to do some level adjustments to balance it out
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i'd check and make sure your amp and speaker ratings match too, lots of people don't pay attention to matching wattage and ohms.