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12 26%
salmon philippe
20 43%
15 32%
Voters: 47.
Here we go, a three-way final for the Blues Duels III:

whitenihilist - http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/whitenihilist/music/play722381

salmon philippe - http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/salmon+philippe/music/play721541

nico42 - http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/nico42/music/play722887

The voting will be open until Sunday so sit back, listen and ponder your favourite track, then vote! The very best of luck to all three of you, it's been a pleasure!
Yeah, I got a vote, I'm satisfied, you guys can crush me now...
Seriously, really awesome tracks you two!

I tried to keep it diverse, by attempting some jazzy blues this time and I think it worked. The three tracks mix up nicely, so this already is a great final, no matter who wins.

No drums in my tune this time, the stiffness of the programmed drums would've destroyed the feel, so I added some bass-strumming as percussion(for the lack of bongos in my home). I used my fretless for the bassline and my fretted 5string for the bass solo, as my fretless intonation isn't so great when soloing..

May the best blues man win!
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tough deciding between salmon and nico but I ended up voting for nico with his wonderful song composition and soloing that not only showed off great chops but also had great movement and flow from start to finish. I wasn't a fan of the heavily distorted solo but the quality of the first clean solo and bass solo more than made up for it. Great job!
What's great here , is that we have three different kinds of blues:
Whitenihilist: traditionnal, fast with drums and piano
salmon: acoustic and harp
Nico42: Jazzy and cool with a bass solo

every tastes are in that juke box guys !
I would like to explain here again jow I made this song "don't shoot me baby"

The first take was done with the acoustic blueridge , then I added 3 solos :
1) Clean blues WASHBURN
2) Harp in D
3) Crunch GODIN "solidac" in the end

this is a very exciting final !
argh damit what am i doing

i better start a diffrent thread

well you know what they say about giving it your best shot
^ No idea. Bizarre.

Back on topic, I'm going to vote on this one. Nico gets it for me, the structure and execution were superb. It made me say a louder wow than the other two! It will be a very close duel though, no doubt about that.
Have to say, all excellent tracks in their own right but I thought Nico's had it all so he got my vote.
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My thoughts - positive and negative - when first listening to the songs:

whitenihilist: very groovy; good bass and piano playing, but both could be louder; beginning of the solo is a bit confusing, afterwards some good licks, most of the time good phrasing

salmon: aah, acoustic, I love acoustic; nice background riff; guitar sound is very nice, sounds chilled; lol, great breakdown/turnaround with the acoustic guitar; harp sounds great, I think technical not that good (but I can't judge this), but with great energy; last solo was not that good, playing is good but the licks didn't get on me

nico: sounds relaxed; nice melodies in the beginning with good phrasing; sound is not that amazing but okay (maybe too much distortion, at least for jazz); second solo HAS too much distortion, but at least it's short; cool, a bass solo, good sound, nice licks, good phrasing, too

Hard to say, who deserves the vote most, everyone of you has got something, that I like very much, whitenihilist's song is (for me) the grooviest, I like salmons acoustic guitar and harp playing, and nicos background and bass solo. I will listen to them again and vote later...

Edit: going with salmon, because of the cool harp solo and the original turnaround...
sorry nico, your distorted guitar tone was the key point not to vote for you...
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They're all great tracks, but I was torn between Phil's and Nico's. It took a couple of listen's to decide but I went with Phil's in the end
I really can not decide.. Im leaning towards Nico because of the bass solo!

But Salmon's just fits together alot better i think, the tone of nicos guitar on some parts is a bit harsh for what's being played. Just IMO anyways, Awesome job guys!

Edit: went with Salmon, the solo work sold me, so passionate!
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Have to go with Nico42. That's awesome, and congratulations to you all for reaching the final!

I enjoyed all well done and respect..feeling and great Playing...But I Think the golden berrett must go to Salmon...it has just got the edge...peace and respect
my bagder stares at me.....
Woah, what a final .. I think about 1-8-1 votes in the last hours .. what a finish from salmon
I would like to thank
Jazzman91 for his instructive and very objective comment
Zhilla for her loving support
AesteticofHate for his encouraging compliments
Nico42 because he was a worth and very talented challenger - the best
and Whitennihilist who had a very strong energy in his soloing
Great thanks too for Stawforest who had the patience and energy to oganize that thing !

see you all soon in the blues and jazz album !!!
What a great run it was. I am more than happy that I made it this far to be honest. Thanks to everyone who voted for me out there!

Congratulations Salmon, you are truly a great musician.

congratulations philipe!

was a close final, you were all good!
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Yeah, congratulations phil but to all other ones, too for reaching the final.

And I think we all have to say "thanks" to strawforest for the good organisation, I guess it was a lot of work for him.
2nd place, cool! Not bad for a prog-rock guy I'm pretty proud!

Thanks to everyone for the kind&constructive comments, especially notre gagnant francais and of course strawforest for getting it all started and keeping it together, great job, dude!
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Thanks a lot for the cup , is there any Champagne in it ?
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congratulations salmon, thanks straw for organising it all.
"I didn't mean to kill nobody ... I just meant to shoot the sonofabitch in the head. Him dying was between him and the Lord." RL Burnside.

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