hey guys im after a new metal amp Head to go with my orange cab for £700 maby a bit more. i play metalcore such as killswitch engage, miserysignals, parkway drive

im after at least 100watts im not fussed about what tubes it uses or how many channels it has, i would like a switchable fx or a solo boost but its not essential, i do have one condition: NO MARSHALLS i really dont like them lol AND YES IM PREPAIRED TO GO USED

so if you guys got anything i might be intrested in lemme know
look at some used peavey 6505's on ebay...u can get one for around that price...
what exactly would consist of a "metal" amp?
Im gonna pistol whip the next guy that says shenanigans !!!!
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what exactly would consist of a "metal" amp?

well an amp i can use to play metal with lol HIGH GAIN AMP