Hey guys! Been a while since I posted on here (2006).

I was wondering if anyone had some opinions on some clip on tuners? I've been searching all over the Internet and haven't found many reviews of the different brands. I found a youtube video from acoustic guitar magazine just telling us about each one and it wasn't a review per say.

What I'm looking for:
1. Has the ability to work with both acoustic and electric guitar good.
2. Smaller design or ability to be mounted on the back of the headstock.
3. Ability to be visible not only in dark light but also in the daytime. The whole reason I want to get a clip on is because I played outside and used a handheld tuner is a pain in the ass outside in the noisy, sun filled outdoors.
4. Under $30.
5. Decent speed and accuracy. I don't want to be plucking the e string 8 times before it registers lol

Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm kind of looking at the Planet Waves headstock tuner and the Korg AW-2G mostly, but if theres any other recommendations I'm all ears.
I've been using cheap, generic-branded ones ( I have both a Guitar Tech and a Crafter one, which appear to be identical) and they work great for me, though I have knocked them off once or twice whilst running around on stage.

Here's my latest 'innovation'!

The standard IntelliTouch clip-on tuner I have works great.
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I have a Pro Junior.
Almost the same thing. Sort of.

But I do love BJ's. Great amps.
Everyone likes BJ's.

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Yeah.. I'm probably going to go with the Korg.

Korg does have an outstanding reputation. I would recommend the CA-30. Simple operation, full range, is quick and has LED. I bought one about...6 years ago? Other than changing the battery once it has worked great for me.
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