I have narrowed down what I want as far as pedals go to the following:

Delay pedals (Reverse delay option a big bonus.)
Reverb pedals (Reverse reverb option a big bonus.)

Let me know. I'd rather meet somewhere to exchange goods, but postage/pickup is also fine.
Honest opinion! Superb pedal, the delays sound really natural and the adjustments you can make are brilliant. Its a standard delay, tape delay and looper in one pedal. Tap tempo adjustment, can switch between the three modes without even bending down and the looper function is great!

Comes boxed and in amazing condition with all instructions and power lead!

I swapped it for an EHX micro synth so I lost out on my end of the deal!

The going rate is around £100 + p+p
Will definitely consider. I'd be most interested in a digitech hardwire or a boss giga-delay though. Anyone?