Someone just threw me a hand-me-down Minx 110 (1994) bass amp(which i love cause of the EQ). Now that i know the bass amp wont explode if i play guitar on it, i want my effects on it.

I was thinking of this.

Plug my guitar into my Vox Da5 for effects and connect Da5 output to the Peavey.

Is this a legitimate set up? Will it explode? Do you recommend it? Will it affect the sound in anyway?

Thanks Guys.
... you have an amp, just make a chain? i dont see a problem here.
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well i have a bad habit of exploding things in chains. ( play with fire ALOT) So this is one of those times where it would be detrimental to my guitar experience.
im a a severely poor person. we chose internet over house phone bills. All i want is my fx on this nice loud amp. pedals are expensive.yes even the 30$ ones.

but i was just wondering if this will cause any problems in the long run.
Hmm ok i got it now. BUT i was wondering if its ok to use my old AUX cord and just put 2 plug converters on the ends. Yes, i'm a tech newb too. Thanks guys. UG is the best.
it is hahah. but the amp came with some real quality converter plugs. female to male i think?

I'll try to grab a short cable next time i head to the store. Being poor i might literally have to grab it and run haha jk. i have a guitar fund on the side my friends are donating to lol.

The Nick Fund they call it.