Verse 1
If you had the chance
to disappear
to leave your world behind
and join me in mine
would you follow me
would you take my hand
or would you turn around
and walk back to the crowd

Can you see me
all the way up there
in your i-vory
and lonely tower
is it cold there
as cold as it seems
to be at the top of the heap
right in front of me

Verse 2
Does it bother you
that you've left us all behind
and yet your still here
playing catch up all the time
you act like your something special
a moment in time we should remember
and yet you hate us all
because without us you'd be nothing at all


It seems to me that you've forgotten who you are
those bright lights of your "future" have blinded you to it all
You think your in Hollywood, but you never left your basement
People get tired of waiting, deciphering all your clues
reading between the lines, and it all points back to you

Chorus 2
Do you feel it
The people all around
leaving you alone
like you always wanted
Does it feel as good as your prophesized
or does it make it open your eyes
and make you realize

Now I'm tired of pretending
that I care what you've been do-ING
So tired of the fake looks
so tired of the old storybooks
that we once read together
and fantasized about our life together
I'm sorry, but.
It's time for you to leave.
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