Has anyone of you ever thought you were doing a pretty good job singing, and then you record it and hear it back, and it kinda makes you hate yourself and die on the inside a little? That seems to happen to me everytime I go to record vocals. It seems like my singing is alright, but for rock n roll, there is absolutely ZERO attitude in my voice. And I've tried all kinds of different methods of singing, like from my chest or from my stomach, or different ways of breathing, it still doesnt give me the attitude I need to play the rock n roll. Any advice?

Then again, maybe peoples born with it, and it can't be acquired. I really don't know.
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I know how you feel. I think you really need to feel and believe what you sing about to come across strong.
Just keep practicing I guess, and find your range.
I have the same problem as you, but I sing as much as I can and I'd like to think I'm getting better.

Well, I haven't recorded anything in a while so I have no idea...

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