Like the topic said. I have my RP90 from some time and just now the right footswitch stopped responding. Anyone experienced it and know how to fix it?
Well, first off since I hate digitech with a passion, I would wise crack on how you should just get different gear, but for the people who actually want to help you here, it would probably be useful to tell them exactly WHAT is wrong with the right footswitch?
It just simply stopped responding. That's it. It worked just fine, then suddently nothing happens when I press it. Like it was unplugged or something.
Its not gonna be a replaceable switch like a single stomp box has. Warranty on something like that they will usually just send you another one vs the cost of repair. If the switch is broke then you would have to pay digitech to fix it, it would be more economical to buy another one truthfully.
Nevermind now, I unscrewed it and fixed it myself. The footswitch didn't connect with small pressure switch and that's why it didn't work.