since halloween is coming up i am starting this thread. just post your best halloween prank, costume or memories. hope it catches on!
I once decided to not celebrate Halloween.

Oh wait, that happened sixteen times.
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Oh wow this is a guitar forum!
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Karvid is sexy

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Why is it that some folks quote praise from other members in their sig lines?
Its lame.
I will be doing nothing on Halloween, as some of my friends are trick or treating and others are going to see Saw VI. I wish to do neither of these.
If by prank you mean wrapping tin foil around my hand and getting a free Chipotle burrito, then I'm going to be doing alot of pranking this halloween.
If it were socially acceptable, I would drape myself in velvet.

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When I was 11.

Googled "I would like to watch some porn please"

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I;m rdruk I feel no pain

I'm gonna spend halloween by staying home, getting trashed on listerine and dressing up as a clown.

Also, you can't feel the rings.