Ok lets try this again since mine was ignored to death! it's my solo project's my space in my sig (first link) and would really like some comments/suggestions cause' this is my first real attempt at creating music. and add me :P !!!

the music is alternative rock with electronic/industrial influence so yeah you'll see.
Good stuff for your first attempt!! I will say that both tracks seem to be lacking a little something... but keep at it, theres definitely some potential there
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Give/Mend would be cool but the vocals really ruin it, when you go all quiet it just sounds bad...

but apart from that i thought the music behind the vocals was pretty good.

The second song for my tragedy was just a bucket of wtf. wasnt really my cup of tea but i suppose it was quite funny.

Don't take this the wrong way because i think you have a degree of talent and if you keep working then you will get somewhere. But we all need constructive criticism.

If you want to get me back then you can bump my thread in my sig.

Thanks barfrog I realize this, I tried everything on the first song but I just couldn't make it go anywhere and I got enough positive feedback on it so I released it so I was like whatever xD

And the second one I created in 3 hours so it is what it is,

and yes we do all need constructive criticism so thanks, I'll try harder guys.
I actually really like both of those. For My Tragedy is really fun, it's like gypsy/electronica. I really like your voice on Give/Mend too, it's got a really refreshing unique quality that I can't really put my finger on.
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Haha thank you very much! I don't understand how there's a electronica feel there but okay lmao!