I just turned on my vox valvetronix vt50 that I bought about a month ago, and noticed that it's suddenly now making strange popping/static sorta noises when I play, if turn it up to even a third of the way, but it seems to go away when I turn it up about 2/3 of the way or more.

I played it for awhile yesterday at around half volume and didn't notice any such noises. But then I plugged it into my computer through the headphone jack to record a few riffs and didn't unplug it until right now.

I've tried using different patch cords and different guitars and the noise is still there.

Does anybody have any idea whats going on??
I've tried different guitars, patch cords, and amp models.
I've never had this problem with this amp before
Hmm Okay, thank you
I'll try replacing it but I bought it brand new just over a month ago which is how long i think the waranty was for : /

Does anyone know if the problem could be from anything else?
I just played it again for awhile and now it seems to only be occurring when I turn it up to 2/3 of the way or more and it seems to be getting worse.
It kinda sounds like its a faulty patch cord that is making those cutting out scratchy noises but I've tried different patch cords and it only happens at high volumes.

Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks.
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Get some electrical contact cleaner and clean out all the jack sockets and try an amp reset. I can't remember off hand how to do one. Check the manual.
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