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I went to the doctors today, and i got diagnosed with ****ing swine flu. Does anyone know if swine flu can become dangerous?
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Damn, I sure hope I haven't just caught it.

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My friend who had it told me Tamiflu kicks ass
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Some of my friends have had it already, and they're totally fine.

You should be OK so long as you don't have a heart condition or some other health complication
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It wont be fine. You are going to die.
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Had it, you get over it within a week tops if it's not serious.

But you cough for at least a month afterwards, it is really annoying.
Meh... Nothing really to worry about, most of the people in my family, including me, has gotten the regular flu which is much more dangerous... Don't let the media make you feel scared of it, it must suck but it'll be over soon. Just don't worry too much.

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You should be OK so long as you don't have a heart condition or some other health complication

Also, this.

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EVERYONE from my school's sick, from swine flu, the normal flu, and other things. it's scary

but get rest and drink lots of OJ and water. You'll be fine
I got it in Greece start of last month. Trust me, when it's 30+ degrees celcius and you got swine flu, death feels rather welcome.

Now my Mum has got it (not off me thank God). She's diabetic. Kinda worrying but my mums a fighter.
Loads of people I know have had it, just do standard flu stuff like rest and fluids etc
My schools nurse told me that if you don't get rid of it in the first week, you turn into a zombie. The only reason that the people have "died" is because they have been shot through the head before they could fully develop.


That's like killed more people than Hitler, Stalin, cancer, and AIDS all combined, good luck man. I know I wouldn't wanna be in your shoes right now. That poor doctor who had to stand within 60 feet of you radius.
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if you wrap your self in clingfilm it doubles the chance of survival
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Cool story brah, I had it 5 months ago.

Looking forward to people cool-story-broing me
Had it last week as well. Drink plenty of OJ, take tylenol, and rest, and you should be ok... of course, you may die cuz it just does that to some people... but look on the bright side: no taxes
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u have nothing to worry about...

unless u have a breathing illness, like asthma or something. then your in trouble. dont go to school till its past. about 3 to 6 days. i believe
You'll be fine, man. The concern is more with you spreading it than it is to yourself. Just hang out at home and get well soon.
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Thanks for all you help! One way to look at it, is i get to stay home for a week, and get to play my new PRS!!
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Me and my whole family had it. Its not that bad. We're all alive still.
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Me and my whole family had it. Its not that bad. We're all alive still.

... or are you...?
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i got the swine flu shot recently. but just don't die and take tamiflu or somthing. where i live theyre just saying everyone who comes in sick has swine flu and not bothering to test for it anymore. dang rednecks
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It's not that bad, it's only as bad as the normal flu. Sure you here a bunch of news about it like "eleven people have died this week from swine flu" but that is extremely small compared to the population(at least the united states). More people die from the normal flu a week. Get some rest and watch some bad television and you should be fine
I wouldn't worry too much if i was you. Most cases are less severe than regular influenza. Its just that h1n1 has become sort of a media darling and thats why the whole situation has been blown out of proportion. I know people die from it but people die from the regular flu too.
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i just had it, getting better as we speak. unless you live in poverty, its the same thing as the flu dude. Sleep and enjoy free time for a week.

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Cool story brah, I had it 5 months ago.

Looking forward to people cool-story-broing me

Bro cool, story.


Anyway... you'll probably be fine. I know a few people who have had it and they all got over it in a week or so.
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