Hey guys this is my newest song written in guitar pro, taken me bloody ages to do but i think its worth it.

Its got this real meshuggah style headbangy vibe

Quite like the solo in it aswell

hopefully going to record some time soon

hope you guys like it,

would really apreciate comments/crit

C4C as always.

groove headbangy song.gp5
groove headbangy song.gp4
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i kinda like it, i think it needs more bass drum though
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Pretty good man, I didn't find it boring as I was practically just making up words for as it went along (well in my head) and it had enough variation to keep me interested . Sorry for the poor crit but it's pretty solid: 10/10
Definitely reminds me of meshuggah, good job on this man, i love the groove.

Bar 3 was ****ing awesome btw, simplicity at its best.

bar 11 nice nice

That solo was absolutely perfect, I honestly thought I'd get bored of the same style of riffing but you captured Mehuggah's sound so perfectly I'm at a loss of words.

10/10 my friend, keep it up!

Bar 83 has to be my fav riff if I had to choose
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It's a very groovy piece with some good beats and groove. I'd hate to say I wasn't in love it. It was kind of repetitive but it all had a good groove yet some predictability about it. If you know what I mean by predictability; I could always have a good sense of what was next. Catchy, but needs something to pull the listener from the spacey state. What I think would be best is a few drum beat changes and rhythm changes to the riffs.

The riff that began at bar 73 is a horrible filler riff, does nothing that helps the song. I suggest finding a better transition; maybe a riff with a different beat and groove to it would be best? Or maybe something that's gonna give the outro a little more umph.

But otherwise, it wasn't bad at all. It was very catchy, just a little predictable and repetitive. Overall, 7 / 10.

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like the other posts, the song is catchy and this is about the half of a good tune, now you have to get that riffs to 11! cos they are a good start to make an awsome song 7/10

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I love the solo, especially the tapping part, its goes amazingly well over the riff in the background

The main riff, as mentioned prior is extremely catchy, and i love the transition at bar 20

all in all pretty good but work on some variations throughout, as some of the variations i saw was a bit to subtle to notice but all in all Good, keep it up

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****ing awesome! ****ING AWESOME. But one thing. I think lower Tuning would fit it better. Dropp A or something.