So basically, i just recorded my singer's voice over a song, and it sounds too soft for the mood of the song, so i'd like to make it a bit beefier... i recorded 2 tracks of her voice, i'm going to try putting them together, but if it doesn't work, which kind of effects can i add to make it sound harder ?
I would try a small overdrive to give a little punch when she talks louder (if she does)
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Erm her own voice? Ask her if she can put more into it. From the songs on your band's myspace, she sings well, but not like shes putting all she can into it. If you get the chance to rerecord it, ask if she could try doing that.

EDIT: If that isnt possible, a clean boost pedal, EQing it? OHOHOH maybe a sloooooowwww chorus, just barely turned up.
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