So this is the first time I've broken a string since I got my acoustic guitar, it's a Yamaha FG700S. I bought some 80/20 Bronze Elixir acoustic guitar strings with the intention of changing all the strings. Not sure if they are the right kind though, the sound is much different and sounds a lot more "metallic"..did I get the right type of strings? Thanks in advance!
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I use those strings. I agree, they sound metallic at first. In a day or two they should sound much better.
As long as you're not buying strings for the wrong kind of guitar (eg: buying classical guitar strings or electric guitar strings) there is no right and wrong, only personal prefrence.
80/20's are alot brighter sounding in my oppinion.

Phosphor bronze, is a little warmer, Sometimes one sounds better on one guitar then another.
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