As the thread title states, I am looking to trade my B-52 for a 6505 or 5150 (or 5150 II/6505+ if you're feeling super generous ).
I would be willing to pitch in some cash (or a set of EMG 81/85's I have kicking around) as well if needed.

The reason I am looking to trade is because I played a 6505+ at one time...didn't like it for whatever reason (probably because I was a noob ).

So, I go to GC the other day, plug into a 6505+, giving it one more shot, and lo and behold, I loved the crunch on it!! I immediately wished I had bought a 6505! Well, instead of trying to sell of my amp and buy a 6505/5150, I'd rather do a trade.

Alrighty! On to my amp...

The B-52 ATX 100 is an all tube 100W monster of a head. It's more geared toward a recto type of tone, although it is a lot tighter than any Single/Dual Rectifier I've ever played! Although, one of the shining points on this amp is how amazing the cleans are.

You can dial in a great fendery type clean. Really, no joke! It makes me whip out some Opeth licks every time I play the clean channel! I'm really going to miss the cleans on this amp if I do end up selling it

Now the distortion.... It has 2 types of distortion. A gain 1, and gain 2. They have a shared EQ, but split gain and mid cut controls (the mid cut can be put on or off for either channel seperately).

The two gain channels have their own channel volumes included, so you can get just the right amount of preamp distortion going on. The gain 1 is more like a british low gain crunch type of vibe, whereas the gain 2 is just a HUGE wall of tone and gain. This amp has enough gain on tap to do metal well WITHOUT a boost!

As I previously stated, the EQ is voiced almost like a mix between a tight crunchy amp like a 5150 and a darker recto type of tone. You can really dial it in either way! This amp is just really versatile, but it lacks the extreme crunch I got out of a 6505.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.
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