Hey today my girlfriend bought me a Carvin sx300h which is a 100w solid state head I have'nt had a chance to run it through a proper cab yet but i tried it through one of my PA speakers for a while. This isn't really the point though so here I go I play a wide variety of stuff From Megadeth/Metallica to Floyd/Boston and alot of Drop C stuff like Killswitch and SOAD and when i bought the amp the 3 channels seemed like enough to me and i watched a coupe of Youtube videos of people playing it and my only fear is when i played it today i could'nt really get a good heavy distortion from it. I engaged the High Gain switch and its better but still not quite enough so Can anyone recoommend some settings for the Amp or A Modeler/pedal for under 100 that will let me keep that versatility but give me a bit more distortion? Not super heavy but your average modern metal tone.

Thanks Guys

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