What age do you have to be to legally buy cigarettes in the USA? Or does it depend on the state?
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18 pretty much everywhere, but there are some states that have it a little higher.
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i think it depends on the state, but it's mainly 18. Except in my county in New york where it's 19!!!
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18 unless you live in Suffolk County NY, here it's 19
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My mate went to New York last year and it was 18, same as over in the UK and Ireland.

EDIT: Everyone is sayin it;s 19 in NY. Must have been a dodgy newsagents
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It depends on the state. The majority of states are 18+ but some are different.
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Eighteen. Except for a few select states like New York, New Jersey, Alaska and Utah and maybe a few others you have to be 19
yup 19 to buy in jersey, but u only have to be 16 to smoke
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In Maryland atleast you have to be 18 to buy them and 16 to smoke them
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depends on state, but I'm pretty sure the US government uses unfunded mandates (basically threats) to get states to make the age at least 18. It's 18 to buy and smoke in California, but a lot of cops here in los angeles can't give a shit. A lot of times, they'll just tell you to be careful of other cops if they see you smoking weed.
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Wow its 19 here in canada to buy cigs, but you can pretty much smoke them at any age as long as you aren't doing it outside people's stores and stuff.
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18 in MI
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