I have been looking for a new amp for some time now, and while i know im goin for a tube amp, i am not really sure if i want a halfstack/stack or a combo. Also, i have no idea how lound these things are. I would use said amp for practice with my band a giging, so it has to be reasonably loud. Im kinda drawn to Orange Tiny Terror or a Blacheart Handsome Devil since they seem nice and would suit my needs. But, are they loud enough? They are both only 15w each, but i have no idea how that translates through a 2x12 or a 4x12 box. Or am i better off just getting a Peavy Valveking combo? Honestly, im a little lost here.
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the 15 watters will be fine for practice...you shouldn't have a problem with getting over a drummer. and if you gig...you will likely mic them up anyway...that being said, they're are probably better amps out there than those 3 you've listed...especially the Tiny Terror. Incredible overpriced IMO...

what genres do you play?
whats you're budget?
will you buy used?
the difference between number of speakers is only a few dB which ain't much
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Well since im mostly gonna use it with my band it should be able to do punk, hard rock and metal. If i need some high gain stuff i can always just fire up the Hot British pedal or something. I would like something for around 500€, and id LOVE to buy used, almost all of my current gear is used. But the second hand market in my county is pretty bad, so im not counting on that.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
I think u may be better of with a combo for that price.... You should be able to get more wattage for the same price as a half stack.
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Hmm, ever tried any of the new stuff Bogner's done in collaboration with Line6? I don't know what they go for in your country but I don't think they're too expensive and they sound great. You could always have a look at some Laney stuff as well, though I've heard they've been a bit shifty as far as build quality goes lately.

I don't think you're ever going to need more than 50 watts though, so if you're thinking about 412 cabs I suggest you look at some 30 watt stuff.