I've currently got a Squier Affinity Strat (Yeah I know lol) and I thought instead of buying an off the shelf guitar next I'd make my own!

What I'm planning to do is have humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions and keep a single coil in the middle position. Now my current body only has space for 3 single coil pickups so I've got a decision to make; do I get my current body modified (I assume they can be routed to fit larger pickups?) or are the Squier bodies so bad that I'm better off buying a brand new body?

Next question is if I do decide to go the brand new route, what do I need to look for in a body? It seems there are so many different woods/designs/configurations etc that I don't know where to start! From reading it seems even the Squier Strats have a different design/size to the normal ones, is this right?

Thanks in advance, I've got many more questions but if someone could help with this it would get me started
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