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Ok enough Hamlet.

So, GAS has set in, but theres no money to fuel it
So, I'm thinking of getting a Gibson Flying V in the future. I've played one before, and they sound pretty cool.

Thing is, I play mainly metal, and I want to optimise any future purchase. I would go for a Jackson Rhoads, but I'm more drawn towards the Gibson.

Would it cost a fuckload to get an EMG 81/85 combo and possibly a tremolo installed?

My main guitar atm is an ESP LTD EX-50, just incase you're wondering
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Not sure how easy they are to find but Gibson released the "Shred V" with specs like you're talking about, EMGs and a Kahler trem. They were a limited production but I've seen a few going used.
you're better getting the randy rhodes as it will take a long time to do the work and it will cost a good portion of the price of the guitar

Even if you got a used Faded V, you'd end up spending probably over a grand getting a Floyd and EMG's on it. I'd just get a mid-level RR and pop some EMG's in if I were you.
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Or look into a mid-high level king v by Jackson as it's at least closer to the shape of Gibson's v