to practice my programming i made a chord program.
you can select open, E, A or D-string chords and it alternates between root note and major/minor.
you can set the tempo and the number of beats. it can go at up to 240bpm.
download it here (yes it is only 5kb).
tell me what you think, from both a musical and a technical perspective.
(you may need .NET framework to run it)

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If you are being serious I honestly don't know where this would go. I've never actually seen anyone post a program in the forums...
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i was just practicing programming and decided to make something practical.
i never thought i would have this much trouble distributing a program.
Dont waste time with guitar practicing gizmo's.

Create a program that monitors your pc's mic, if the background noise goes above a certain point it minimizes all internet explorer's and opens up a educational site or w/e.

This way I can plug my earphones in and blast my black metal while watching some hot girl on girl action, without having to listen in for intruders. Also if you were to leave the pc with questionable material playing. A simple shout from somewhere else in the house may infact save your ass if someone wonders in.

Mind you theres always the issue of what to do with the erection... still thats another problem for another day. 1 step at a time and all that.

PM me the prototype.
Randy Chord

return 0;

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