Just played it at guitar center and it sucks badly. I messed with controls for a while and it still sucked. Is there any alternative other then buying a real acoustic?
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You'll need to install a piezo pickup on your guitar if you wnt to get decent acoustic soundsfrom it
im sure the boss would sound pretty decent ran straight to a pa. if you have access to that, id try it. if not, a piezo or variax guitar is your best bet
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Ive tried a few variations the piezo is your best bet. The thing that i personally dont like about mine is the feel of an electric with acoustic sounds, but watching dream theater recently JP really puts it to a lot of use.

The guitar you put it in and its setup varies the acoustic quality enormously. Thick strings, high action and a set neck mahogany body would get very nice results like...


Ive seen similar results with an epiphone. Remember you have to get an active electronics system installed in your guitar plus installation is complex so it could cost you. definately try before you buy and if you dont like...use nice cleans instead.