Im playing at home and probably gonna start playing with a band ( only practice ) .. i was wondering if a 1x12 is enough like in example a 60 watt mesa boogie mark III .

it seem like everyone whos in a band have head + 4x12 .. but im really thinking about going smaller like 1x12 .. but its that enough to keep up with a drummer .

im talking about tube 30 to 60 watt amp like Mesa boogie mark III 1x12 combo . ... Marshall jcm 800 ???

cause everywhere people seem to write loud as hell .. but i dont see them often in band practice etc.. everyone has head + cab .

any difference in the 4x12 + head vs in example 2x12 combo ????

how much tube watt i need to keep up with a drummer ?? is 15 enoughor i need at least 50 ???
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well the 2X12 combo would be as loud as the head of that make and a 2X12 cab
thats kind of the point.....
cause everywhere people seem to write loud as hell

But it isn't "louder," it just sounds a little louder because more air is being pushed with a 4x12
depends how loud your drummer could play, i could play louder on my 30w SS amp, but had no head room to get more dynamics (clean sounds, wah etc)

if you guys have a PA system any size amp would generally be fine
a 60 watt Mark III would be more than enough for keeping up with a drummer. You could easily gig with a 60 watt tube amp.
it's loud enough, probably just as loud as the cab. Cabs seem louder because they project really well and into a larger area (because you're pushing sound from four speakers instead of one). If you use a combo make sure you put on a stand or on top of something else. Also, keep in mind that you lose a bit of bass response with a combo.
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Trust me, the size of the cab makes no appreciable difference in volume.

A 60W 1x12 is blisteringly loud. I mean, seriously, seriously loud.
I had a 50W Mesa/Boogie DC-5 (1x12 combo) and in a 200-seater venue I couldn't get the master volume past 3 or 4 without drowning out the rest of the band.
Though in any bigger venue, the engineer would mic your guitar through the PA anyway, meaning there's no way you'll ever use most of that power.

I traded the Boogie for an 18W 1x12 combo, so I can get a bit of power tube overdrive without drowning out my band, though at full blast it's still louder than I'd ever need.
Really, these days wattage is mostly a measure clean headroom, as anything ast 10-15W will be more than enough.

And don't forget; different cabs make a massive difference to the tone, but don't affect volume.
Kyle62: thx

Thats a bit why i wanna sell my 4x12 marshall valvestate cab ... i would rather have a 1x12 with one good speaker( celestion gt-75 , vintage 30 etc... than 4x12 with 4 average speakers .

another idea was to keep of the celestion i have right now in the cab and switch 2 of the speakers and use a toggle switch to select which one i wanna use . that would be best as it would be like carrying two 2x12 cabinet except in one cabinet .

i.e : 2 celesiton vintage 30 in the lower part of the cab and 2 celestion g12 in the upper part ... with a switch behind to choose what i wanna use .

but i dont know if that can be done
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