New song from my band Steel Martyr, took a different approach this time around. You can find it on my UG profile.

Or you can check it out at http://www.myspace.com/steelmartyrs and feel free to add us!

Crit 4 Crit as always!
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pretty rad - likin the heavy downbeats, though personally - unless you plan to add vocals to carry the intro - you probly need to gut maybe a third of it >_> a bit of a stretch there if you ask me. Got some awesome rif***e in there - but as already mentioned some kind of lead would complement these parts. Vocalist is ****ing awesome : ) You guys def need to get ahold of a better setup for recording

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1221877
Thanks a lot Night. What specifically do you think sounds a bit off as far as recording goes?

Also, could you tell me a little about your recording setup, I like the quality you get with your songs.
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Thanks a lot Night. What specifically do you think sounds a bit off as far as recording goes?

Also, could you tell me a little about your recording setup, I like the quality you get with your songs.

LOL I can't believe it censored the word r-i-f-f-a-g-e, meh

I'm thinking it may have just been the way the amps were miced - they've got oomph but not much "bite' or pristine tone/clarity. Also with drum kits I've always preferred the happy medium in sound for the bass drums to clickity clack rather than *thump - lol but thats just my preference.

sadly mine was all done through software - as I'm without an amp atm. So no doubt I won't pick up as much room noise - at the cost of actual genuine tone 8*(

But I've been d*ckin with vst and plug-in chains for a long while to the point I've got some handy for every other situation that may pop up XP

But I think in the end I originally meant to say your mixes have a nice retro - pro "live" sound - which is certainly more than I can say about mine >_<

as far as the guitars go, I was using amplitude - but I'd suggest MK III over it any day. It's just that I only have the demo version of MK - so atm I haven't used it for any of my mixes. Strings ect are just from a varied collection of samples from EW, vienna - etc. along with ezdrummer and waves

you can check out http://guitarampmodeling.com/ has a large community base for those that make their own plugins - or post presets for they're amp modeling software.
Thanks a lot for the information, and all of the information, it's much appreciated.

Concerning mutual destruction, that entire recording is digital, with the exception of the vocals. Guitar presets and a drum machine haha. The bass isn't even bass, it's a guitar with pitch shifting and a bass preset! That's why it's so much cleaner. But no real tone, as you've said.
Wow, sounds really good, little bit on the bass side of things, but really does sound good. The intro was one of the coolest intro's I think I've heard, I liked the roughness of it, with the slide scratchs from changing chords, added a emotional feel to it. The heavy part was very thrash, totally differrent from the intro, which I think is pertty effective. The only issues the song seems to have is mixing issues, take alot of the low end bass out of the drums and let the bass guitar cover the low frequiencys. Mabey add some mids to your rythem guitar, it gets drowned out in parts by everything else.

Great stuff though. I'ma add you on myspace. If you want to check out my stuff, I have my most recent stuff on my profile.
Thanks a lot for all the feedback everyone. And I agree with all of you as far as the recording/mixing issues go. I'm currently only using an sm-57 aimed at the snare and a condenser mic on the drums, and only the 57 close miced on guitar amps. Any tips to improve the recording quality I get?
I thought that the drums could have been a bit clearer and louder, they sounded a bit to booming and quiet. I liked the clean intro and then the heavy riffs suddenly crushing your skull, it worked really well dude.

If you want, I could mix your stuff and see if I can solve the mixing problems, it was a little muffled but still, the actual song was cool, played well and the guitars were awesome.
dude, this gets 4/5
To muckypup yeah i know the mix is off haha. It's more of a recording than a mixing problem though. And I appreciate the offer for help.

Anyway, I'm mostly interested on what you thought of the individual parts of the song. Anything stick out to you?

Also, anything you want me to crit?
Hey, thanks for your crit.

The song was great, the singer is very talented. The riffs are all pretty awesome.

But. It's clipping quite badly, and everything sounds so muddy, just like everyone's saying. Fix that problem and you will have a really impressive song. There's simply nothing negative about it (Apart from the recording/mix issues.) This gets 5 stars man, keep it up.
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thanks a lot entity0009, that means a lot. This is the first time my vocals have been complimented before my guitar playing haha. What does everyone think about the guitar playing by the way?
Oh you're the vocalist? Great job man.
THe guitar playing is good from what I could hear, but it was the vocals that really drew my attention.
🙈 🙉 🙊
Yup haha, and it's the first time I'm proud to say so too. The older songs on the myspace really show how horrible my vocals used to be if you wanna compare lol.