Basically, what's the best audio interface i could get (sound wise) till 300e?

I will be using at home so it doesn't matter if it's USB or firewire but i'll eventually mic a high gain amp and vox.

Again, i can live with few inputs, i just want good reliability and sound quality.

The cheaper the better, coz i still need to buy headphones and a sm57 later.

After some searching i've come to these:

Edirol FA-66
Echo Audiofire 4
Presonus Firebox
E-MU 0404

Do the firewire ones have that much better PREs over the emu 0404? if not i'd prefer the USB one so i can invest in decent headphones.

Any help would be appreciated
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at this price range there won't be much difference in pres.

just get the unit that suits your needs.
Quote by GisleAune
Presonus uses great pre-amps for mic i've heard.

They're ok, not the best, but then again for the price its hard to argue with them
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