Hey all, this is a hard rock song that I just finished, mostly about going stir crazy when you have nothing better to do..

Well, maybe not finished. I don't have a bridge, and I'm not happy about the intro or the transition from verse to prechorus. Tell me what you think, and if you have any ideas, especially for those sections, and I would really appreciate it. Thanks, and c4c.
wow..haha..nice song mate!
1. Intro - Why do you want to change it? its perfect for the song imo.
2. Verse - Very good, wouldnt change anything on it.
3. Transition - It fits in very well, very very well
4.Pre chorus & chorus- MY Favourite Part along with the Chorus of the song! especially the vocal lines
5. The transition after verse 2 to prechorus is damn cool
6. The pre-bridge is okay but the bridge is really out of the place mate, i think you can use some chords from your chorus riff and play around with thme maybe
7. prechorus & chorus again ! i am so happy
8. i hope you do make an outro
now, note that when i play the song in RSE, the dead notes dont sound as good as they in MIDI, i guess you have used MIDI for reference only. Also, look at bar 18. the F chord
E-1-) sounds dissonant as compared to the riff there. Add a solo maybe?
C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1221459
In the very first bar, i think you should have more scratches. That gap felt weird for me but once the other instruments come in, the gap sounds fine.

Verse = solid.
Transition = solid (i really liked that single open D).
Pre-chorus = very solid.
I really like the bass in the chorus.

That 12th fret slide in the bass in the first bar of the chorus is coolio.

The chorus was good but the vocal melody didn't go as I was expecting but that's just me and it still sounds great.

I think you should end on a slower strummed chord and hold it for another bar.

Overall: Very solid song. I would definitely listen to it, obviously if the vocalist can keep up the quality :P