A Bluesy-Country duet thats about Love

I was standing in the street,
Looking at the sky,
When I noticed a girl in the street,
Doing just like I,

Solo (4 bars)

So I walked over to her,
And said "for what its worth"
The sky is beatiful today,
just like you..

"Well thats mighty cute,
but you seem like an awful douche,
so won't leave me alone,
too my sky:

I said,"I'm a really nice guy,
Yeah i'm a really nice guy,
and I really wanna look at the sky,
with you"

"What don't you understand,
Your not a really nice man,
Cause there aint no such thing,
Your just gonna hurt me like the last"

"Thats why I look at the sky,
Cause its always gonna be there,
It can't let me down
like you can"

"No it can't let me down,
No it can't let me down,
No it won't let me down,
But you will,"

"So just leave me alone,
My heart aint made to be thrown,
all allround the town,
no no no"

"So just go away,
Let me look at my sky today,
Cause the sky is where my heart belongs."

Any Advice would be awesome,
Also do you guys like the idea?
The times are changing