Around a month and a half ago I started working at A&W. For a few weeks everything goes pretty dandy until one weekend I catch a fever and am forced to call in sick the next morning. My shift usually starts at 9 so I try to call the restaurant 2 hours before at 7, which is the policy. No answer. I call about 93 more times, waiting until the very end of the ringing, and still no answer. I call again at around 8, but a co-worker told me that nobody can cover for me, so I have to work anyway. At this point I'm pretty ticked because I felt terrible and I have to take the bus.

So I get ready and then drag myself to work, only for my supervisor(not the one who answered the phone) to ask me why I called in sick. I tell him that it is because I was sick. He then tells me that I should go home, for obvious reasons. Then I am told that I should call 2 hours before my shifts starts. I tell him that I have called 2 hours before numerous times without an answer. I get the dreaded "Somebody's always here to answer." I don't even say a word before leaving the place.

That was over 2 weeks ago. On Sunday nights I call them to ask for my schedule, but after that happened I didn't get any shifts the following week. So I'm thinking that they're giving me some time to recover from my illness. But I soon learn that that's not the case, as I have never gotten a shift since. Last Sunday I called them and they told me that I wasn't even on the schedule sheet. Now I'm thinking that I've been laid off, and for no good reason.

But what really pisses me off is that I haven't even been paid yet. When I started working I learned that the paying schedule was twice a month, every 2 weeks. But I got nothing. And after they apparently laid me off, I got nothing. And now I still have nothing. I basically worked a month and 40 hours for free.

I know that there are a lot of things to do. But right now I'm way too angry and occupied with other things to think about that.

TL;DR - I worked at a fast food restaurant for a month, got laid off becuase I got sick, and I have never been paid. What should I do.
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GO down there and demand you money, if not sue.

It's that simple.
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It's understandable to be pissed off. Go talk to one of your supervisors?
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So, you're not getting money that they are obligated to pay you?

Shit's not cool. File a complaint to the proper places. Or just threaten to. you'll likely get your wage, and they could get in shit.
sounds exactly like working at Little Caesars.

make some calls to corporate or something, get your paycheck.
did you get a doctors certificate to prove your sick?
if yes go talk to your manager
if no they can legaly fire you, but you still should get your pay
Damn it TS. I live in Alberta like you and I wanted to get a job there . Now im rethinking it.
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GO down there and demand you money, if not sue.

It's that simple.


Your phone company would have records of the calls that you made that morning. Just show them the phone calls that were made to the place, and then threaten to sue, not only for not paying you but for unfair dismissal.
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But srsly some places fire if you call off within the first 90 days but still make some calls to get your paycheck and talk to your manager and all that good stuff

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sue them. they will get in SOOO much trouble if they don't pay you. also you can sue them for wrongful dismissal, it's illegal to fire someone for being sick.
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if they didn't tell you you're fired, you're not. They have to tell you, by law.

And they have to pay you, by law.

Sometimes they do that, I'm not sure why. Maybe some kind of punishment? Just call and ask for more hours.

I'm not sure if A&Ws are independently owned, but if they are, maybe the owner can't afford to pay you right now?