I have a question, I know Breaking Benjamin uses drop A# tuning in alot of their songs. I am curious if anyone knows if they set up their guitars to compensate for such a low tuning. I play alot of BB but kinda want to get that bass sound without a pick (as he uses alot).
Should I designate a bass just for said tuning? i'd rather not but if i have to

If you have more than one bass and you have to switch tunings quickly, say in a show where one song is in Drop A# and the next song is in E standard, it may be a good idea to do this to keep the flow of a gig. Also for convenience at home, and if you're going to be playing a certain bass on a certain song in an odd tuning, it would probably be best to practice on the bass you'll be playing the song on.
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Unless you have a 5 string, you're going to need thicker strings to get from E to A# so a designated A# bass would be a good idea.
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