title says it all... im not sure why though. ive had it since late july/early august and its worked perfectly, i played through it today for a while just like i do everyday and it was fine. i turned it off left it alone for a while, come back and went to switch it on and nothing... the tubes dont glow anymore the led wont light up... but a quiet hum emanates from the speakers. not sure what it could be.
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^well, there is a hum so there is some life in there somewhere. Actually kinda weird. No tubes are lit and the LED power light is not lit but there is a hum from the speaker.

Sounds like a ghost.


Sorry, not a good time for jokes. I wonder if the hum is just interference or your pickups or something. What happens when you unplug your guitar, take it to a different outlet and crank it up?
i'd also say the fuse is blown. the tiny amount of noise you hear is probably a small amount of energy managing to jump through. not enough to light up the tubes though.

When i blew my fuse it took out a preamp tube with it, so if it still doesn't really work right try getting a tube or two and switching them out after you replace the fuse.
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