anybody know of any instrument manufacturer that sells basses with tremolo systems placed on them?
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I can't think of the brand off-hand, but there is a brand that sells whammies for bass that don't require routing. I don't know any specific brands that have basses come with them, but they aren't too common out there.
Hipshot makes a bass tremolo you could retrofit on a bass, but yeah, good luck on finding a bass thats manufactured with one stock
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You can custom order an ESP with one, but it will cost you an arm and a leg.
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There are none that come as standard.
You have to buy the bridge separate.
I have a Kahler on my GSR200, well worth getting.

Kahler's the one I was thinking of, worth buying if you really want a whammy.


But ya, get a Kahler. Very nice and only require top routing, so it doesn't mess with your tone. In fact, they're pretty heavy, so if anything they usually improve your tone.
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I came in to recommend the Kahler, and I saw that everyone is doing that so +1 to everyone recommending the Kahler
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Carvin had trems available on their basses several years ago...you can probably still find a used one.
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i know the warwick store has them and i think they can put it on a custom bass for you
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i know the warwick store has them and i think they can put it on a custom bass for you

and we know how prohibatively expensive those basses tend to be xD.
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Washburn made a cheap bass not long ago with a whammy on it. I believe it was the Bantam series. They weren't very expensive. Never got a chance to play one though, so no idea about the quality.