im looking to start a basic home studio to record my music. im looking at cubase, sonar, and pro tools and cant decide what is best for me so im wondering if anyone hear can help me out.

i would be interested in recording technical metal and random crazy shit so my main concerns are sound quality and abilities to track drums as easy as possible.

what other equipment would i need as far as the recording interface?
Hi tom
Well, it depends on several things.

Do you want to mic amplifiers with a microphone or do you want to record using a Direct Out capability?

You can get started for free using something like Audacity or a 30 day trial of Reaper. That is what a lot of people do.

If you want to mic an amp then I'll tell you what I did. I got a Pod Studio (Toneport) interface and a Shure SM57 dynamic mic and then plug interface into PC via USB. The Pod Studios (starting at $150) also come with Pod Farm modelling software so you can use that as well as your own amp/effects.

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Hope that helps.