This just arrived today.

It came with a ton of extra stuff too

Got an absolute steal on it, $499 brand new at musicians friend. 2 days after i ordered it it went back up to $899. not a bad deal imo. Guitar, Case, lots of extras.

Pretty cool, setting this up was a bitch though, i seriously had no idea just how much of headaches FR's can be. I think i can get used to it in time. I still need to have it professionally setup this weekend, but i just tinkered with it tonight to make it playable until then.

This is my first time having both a FR and EMG's, so im going to need a few days of play time get a true feeling for them. Its an OFR btw, not a licensed one

EMG 81/85
24 Frets
1 tone / 1 volume
"Kill" button

glad to answer any questions about it.