Hey everybody,

Well I've received my uncles old acoustic that has been sitting in his garage for 15 years and I want to replace the strings. It's a great Ovation guitar, about 16 years old. The strings are extremely rusty and old now, so I would like to replace them. I dont know what kind of strings to get for an acoustic, I play my electrics much more. What gauge would be good to get? Coated? Brand? I really want to get a sound like Nuno has in Midnight Express. What gauge do you think he uses for that kind of playing? I personally play 9 gauge strings usually.

Midnight Express- Extreme


I've always just used Martin Lights....

But you'd get a better response if you posted in the Acoustic guitar forum
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I'd say most of his tone in that video is down to way he plays with tons of muting and a really powerful attack rather than string gauge.
Also ^what he said about the acoustic forum.
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