Yamaha BB N5, kind of old but in great condition. Picked it up for $200 USD with a hard-case. The bridge volume pot will need to be replaced eventually as it is a little scratchy but I am probably going to leave it cranked 95% of the time anyway.

(Sellers photos, not mine.)

Some scratches on the back (only real noticeable flaw in finish).

looks cool!!!
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It is really comfortable. Even though I have only really played a 4 string up until this point the neck just feels familiar. The action is really sweet with no fret buzz. It is really nice coming from my really old, really poorly set up Squier Affinity P-Bass.

Edit: Oh, and the sound. It is darker than most jazzes I have played at GC. But not as dark as a Corvette. I really like it as I find the Corvette to be almost too dark and while I love the sound of a good jazz bass, they seem to be very bright. This is a good middle ground for me.
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I haven't played it too much on a strap, but for the few minutes I did, it sat very comfortably. Neck is fast and smooth. No fret buzz. The low B is pretty defined even though I think it is standard scale.