Hey! I wanna buy a new guitar and I need a little help. Initially I wanted a Gibson ES-335, but those are a bit too expensive for me. The most I can spend is $1800, preferable around $1500. I've also been looking at the Road Worn 60's Strat, some Telecasters and Les Pauls. I play various music, so it's hard for me to decide. Any tips are very welcome! Thanks!
try them out and if you're spending 1500 in a guitar that isn't your favourite, get the 1800, its only 300 plus and you won't regret it even thought i think you're not very sure of what you want lol

I had pretty much the same problem, I wanted a Gibson ES-335 but they're just too expensive. Now, talking about the Road Worn.. they're nice. They've got some really nice pick ups and they feel pretty okay, though I hope you've realised that every road worn guitar has the same vintage looks. So, let's say you buy a sunburst road worn, they next person who buys it will have a the exact same looks to it. And second, they're mexican built. I think mexican guitars are okay from time to time, but if you're able to spend that much, I'd go for something better. Have you thought about an american standard fender? I have one, and I love it. I can get heavy distorted aswell as nice clean tones. If I were you, I'd take a look at those .


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What about gretsch, epiphone or ibanez ... they all make guitars like the ES-335
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Check out the Epi DOT all the ones I have played were great. The price is right too.

But check out all the Epi hollow and semi hollow body guitar. IMO Epi Hollow and Semi Hollow guitars are built to better standards than Gibson. These guitars are what made Epi famous in the 50s and 60s it's what they did best. Try some out the Casino and Riviera are just amazing and still under $600.00.


The Epi Casino has been fantastic for me, occasionally have problems with buzzing but if you know how to set up the guitar it's fine. The quality is excellent. The others in the epiphone range, the riviera, sheraton are also good guitars IMO and definitely worth the money.

The same applies for my Gretsch. The pups are bright and it's lovely to play. A really full and rich tone, for a reasonable price.
HAve you looked into G and L ? personal opinion they make beter tele's then fender. it was owned by leo too after he left fender so hey.