I searched but only found threads about upgrading squires and mim strats. I recently broke my strat nut (forced larger gauge through, still slightly playable though no E bending lol) and it got me thinking about possible upgrades. About 3 months ago I had upgraded my saddles to Graph Tech ones. Side note: is there a difference between the graph tech saddles made by allparts and the ones made by graph tech the company? They look exactly the same and are about the same price. I'm not looking to do large upgrades like pups yet, just small minor ones I guess. ATM, I'm looking at Tuners, Nut and String tree. Some brand locking tuner? Some Graphite Nut/Tree? I'm assuming these would be the upgrades, but I have no idea which brands are best. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Nut. The tuners are fine unless you don't like the ratio, and I doubt the string tree would make a huge difference.

Other than that, if you're satisfied with everything, there's not really anything you'd need to upgrade. There are better parts available, sure, but at this point they won't make a huge difference.
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