Bought new guitar about a week ago. At first I was really happy because I finally received the guitar. couple of days later I sold my other guitar because it just irritated me. I didn't want to see that thing again. But after a week I'm really frustrated. I got this buzz which pisses me off because I can't get rid of it. Even tried adjusting the truss rod. So now I have to let a techinician check it, since it is my only guitar I can't play.
This is my second guitar en the second time I wanna throw it out of the window.

I hope I am not the only one frustrated about his guitar(s)
Yeahh, I'm frustrated with my new guitar at the moment, It doesn't stay in F**CKING tune!!
It's got an Edge Pro, and when i go all Steve Vai on it's ass it decides to go out of tune! :P

Idk, maybe i'm being too hard on it.. -hugs guitar-
or its not set up properly as stated before. Your best bet take it to a tech who knows what he is doing, if not go the the New&Improved Floyd Rose Sticky at the top of the electric guitar page read up on it and see if yours matches the pictures and diagrams provided there. as for the steve vai part, make sure you have the locking nut and strings lockdown properly if its a newer edge pro it shouldn't go out of tune for at least the first couple months
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u might have to play while parachuting out of a helicopter.
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There are 2 things that normally cause fret buzz.
1, poor set up
2, poor technique

Take the guitar in to get a professional set up. After that I am sure you can figure out the rest.

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u might have to play while parachuting out of a helicopter.

i agree with this
just make sure someone else jumps out holding your amp