Wherever Our Hearts Go

when we could not, see far enough
to see a star, for all it's worth
so invents, the glass lens
and we direct our gaze,
to outerspace

am i to believe, our instrument of sight
was reserved, for use at night
for if my love travelled far away
i would telescope that way

and i'll find you, you know
wherever our hearts go

the mirrors not wrong
can't you see, my reflection's gone
but i know, that she's coming back
because we left our hearts attached

and i'll love you, you know
wherever our hearts go

you're the stars, you're everywhere i go
i need your touch, you know others aren't enough
we want our love to live forever
we want our distance to never grow
but you know that i will love you
wherever our hearts go,
wherever our hearts go...

verse is slow, first bridge builds up but first time goes into a slow hammer-on riff.
second bridge builds up into a rock out outro