Hey all,

I was at a gig last night and I heard a some guitarist play a really cool jazz piece, so I was wondering if anyone knows anything that might be similar. It's the kind of style I've been struggling to learn, however want to devote more time to it in the near future.

Basically the style is "hybrid picking" (i think)... In other words, chords mixed with picking. The song I heard last night sounded similar to Electric Gypsy by andy timmons, but it was more jazzy. I'm particularly interested in learning the jazzy and bluesy side of hybrid picking.

Here's some songs that I'm already aware of that use the hybrid picking I'm talking about; Under the Bridge (RHPC), Little Wing (Hendrix), Bold As Love (Hendrix).

If anyone knows any artists or songs like this (preferably jazzy), I'd love to get the names off you!

hybrid picking is picking with the pick and you're fingers, aka, chicken pickin'.

what you're talking about doesn't have a name, it's just playing chords then singular notes while the chord is still held (i think is what you're saying, sorry if im mistaken). But yeah, a lot of hendrix is played like that.

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Yeh that's the kind of stuff I'm talkin about. Anyone know any jazz stuff that's like that? It sounds awesome.
Yeh that Barney Kessel is the stuff i'm talkin about! Not so much the Michael Lee Firkins stuff though... Bur he sure is good!