I am buying a new amp now. I am thinking of two amps atm wich i like alot. The Powerball(engl) and the dual rec. I like the tone from both of them. The dual rec is slighty more expencive. I play progressive metal. Like bands such ac Textures, TesseracT, meshuggah etc.
My budget is around 20 000 Norwegian kr, wich is about 3k dollars (wich is the price of both these heads oin norway.)
A good exaple of the tone im looking for is the tone here: /from 0.17 -->


I play alot detuned and with a 7 string.

I have a Mesa Boogie 12*2 Rec Cab.

And i cant decide what to get. I tried the Dual rec, and i loke the tone alot, but its not very tight. so ill probobbly have to boost it with a Maxon OD808.

I also tried the Engl Richie Blackmore, and i rly did not like that amp. Not the cleans nor the dist.

I need a decent clean tone aswell as that brutal chuggy, tight metal tone.

Thanks for your help.
I think the ENGL might be more up your alley. If you plan on playing in a band, you may have issues cutting through in the mix, unless perhaps you're the only guitarist. The Powerball is basically a tighter Recto for Europeans with a bit of a Marshally flavor (which is definitely not from tons of midrange, as the PB is very scooped sounding)
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Hey, i an not a fan of Diamond at all. I think their amps sound bad.
I tried a nitrox, and it was insanely dissapoining.

I play ina a very active band as a 2nd guitarist. Wer play live shows, and record alot. SO i need a good recording amp.

But lets say i boost the mesa. wount it have the same tighness?
i'm in the same kinda position as you atm, i'm looking at both of those amps (but haven't tried them out yet ). from what i've heard the dual rectifier can have a very loose bottom end and sound "wooly". the ENGL hasn't had much against it in any reviews or what people have told me on this forum, but it is apparently a bit of a love/hate thing.

have you tried these amps out?? what were your views of them??
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I have chosen a Dual rec. I loved the sound of it. The Powerball was wayyyy scooped fir my taste.
i dont like the powerball. but if you picked the rectumfrier, i hope you got a two channel one
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